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About The Nephilim
The Nephilim is an Elder scrolls online guild for dedicated MMORPG players.
The Nephilim were the offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men".

We are Ebonheart Pact alliance - EU server
The guild consists of anything from dedicated ESO players, Brand new players, Dungeon hunters, Lore Masters, player Merchants, and the war in Cyrodiil. We all want one thing...
We all want a long term guild home.

We are a medium size and very active guild, with the core rule: Play you way, whatever that may be.
Our members age is between 25 and 55, with different play styles.

We PLAY ESO, not rush it.
We explore and enjoy all of Tamriel. Even if we are high levels in guild and takes on whatever challanges Tamriel can throw at us. We play ESO, not grind it.
We grow with new members of experienced MMO players as well as new to ESO and MMOs.

The guilds main approach is the Journey in Tamriel, whereever that may take us. We choose all kinds of Game-play, either it's group or solo. We enjoy ESO together and never rush anything. Together, we explore the world, read the books, get absorbed in the stories and quests and ultimately enjoy the game as a whole.

We do most things from helping new players, guild trade skill system to crush the Arena and wage war in Cyrodiil.

We are looking for the right person behind the player.
We have no drama in the guild, which is the effect of not inviting anyone who asks. We do recruit, but trying to get to know new people a bit first. The guild is the sum of its member and for this reason we look for the right people behind the characters and not the characters or the achievements they’ve completed.

Patience is our crede, we do what we want, when we want and when we can.
We build the guild on trust, friendship and cooperation.
We group, solo, talk lore, explore, seek challenges, tradeskill, Pvp and do dungeons together. Both guild chat and TS are used for all kinds of talk, as well as communcate in Dungeons. We talk about anything, except pink!

The guild is our "home"
Our members main chat, is guild chat, by choice. We are not just "any" guild, trade or elite raid
If you are interested in our play style, feel free to make an application, or look us up in game.

Oghur Hatemachine - Guild leader of The Nephilim (@Kurnn)

About The Nephilim - Guild Rules

Serana of Volkihar, Daughter of ColdHarbour and Battlemage of The Nephilim, welcomes you

 Serana of Volkihar

Guild Rules - All members are required to read, understand and follow them

Rule 1 - Guild Structure 

The guild leader does not lead the guild. The guild leads the guild by words and deeds. The guild is run as a diplomacy meaning each and every member of the guild has the same voice. The opinion of every member is valued the same as everyone elses whether they are Guild Leader, Officer or new member. The guild is the sum of its members and thus all member have equal say in all issues associated with the guild. Officers manages the guilds decissions and are the only members with responsibility and requirements over a specific area.
Except the rules, members have no requirements, other then to enjoy ESO in their play style. Freedome to play how you want, when you want, without obligations, is our core guild foundation.
More details available here - Link to rule 1

Rule 2 - Recruitment

Trust among all our members is the foundation of the guild.  We want nice, mature and patient people who seek a social/family type guild to call home. All members are given the right to invite to the guild however applicants must be screened to check suitability. We are after mature, patient sociable players who are interested in enjoy all facets of the game and intend to immerses themselves in the Elder Scrolls world. 

More details available here - Link to rule 2

Rule 3 - Guild Store

All members have access to the guild store which works as an extended guild bank for surplus items. If you need stuff for alternate characters, this is the place to look (not the Bank). Every member is free to put up items they find. The Price is up to each person and the earnings goes to the guild bank for guild events, Guild members awards, Tabard, etc.
Please be mindful that we use trade guilds to sell items for profit, we don't make money of our members. The price in our guildstore should be good for seller and buyer who gets a good price. Depending on the size and activity on the guild store, we might start to bid for Guild traders.
More details available here - Link to rule 3

Rule 4 - Guild Bank

The guild bank is open to all members but common sense is required. Generally, take what you need but put in as much as you take out. The Bank is to benefit all members and meant to be used!
  • A) Do not take anything from the guild bank to sell outside the guild.

  • B) Do not de-construct purple items. Purple items are to be used until you get an upgrade and then put it back. Do NOT make the purple item bound. (Dyeing will bind it)

  • C) Sets, food buffs or anything that can benefit all members, are intended to be used. If its good for you, don't let it take up a valuable spot in the bank! ;-)

  • D) Please don't deposit white or green food buffs! Put all white or green food buffs, green provision recipes and/or other items around level 1-40 in the guild store, for a very low price.

  • E) Only remove items from the Bank you intend to use, de-construct or research a trait from.

  • F) Purple and Set items are ONLY for use, NOT Deconstruct or Research. Ask an officer if you want a purple item that you will not put back.
More details available here - Link to rule 4