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Cyrodiil with guild groups

by Kurnn, 2934 days ago

We do everything in Tamriel. Tonight we raised hell in Cyrodiiil with a 7 man and woman strong guild team!

Cyro is as much warfare as you like and ANYTHING can happen. I'll stress the importance to have a guild or friends group in Cyro. It does not matter how big or small it is. Anyone who can follow orders and learning by doing, becomes good quite fast.

Its the masses of pvp-players that outright refuse to learn anything and blame everything on anything other then themselves.....they you stay clear from =)

We had a guild team the other day that drove away pretty much every blue in Cyro!

Cyro group

It Took us over 2 hours and to avoid massive groups of Pact "zerg groups", who was only in the way before we won over the blues!

Only to loose the whole thing to a gang of 6 AD, who waited for the right moment, moved in and got the 69K AP tick from ALL! (Both blue and RED).

My hat off to that AD team!

The whole clash of the alliances was fun as hell! Even if our guild group was smaller, we made a big difference and even when we lost the siege in the end, we laughed and moved on!

The crying bitching large groups of pact was still behind us when we charged our next target!

When you are in cyro, group up! if you see guildies here, ask to join!

Oghur Advice

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Guild Trial Events

by Kurnn, 3043 days ago

Come all! Guild Trials each Friday with stunning rewards!

Doesn't Nicu and Oghur seams to hold hands!


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Meet our members - Camael Dragon Fury! (Mike)

by Kurnn, 3061 days ago

In the guild, everyone knows everyone! Meet Mike, one of our latest edition to the Nephilim Maffia



My name is Mike and im from Poland (now i live and work in UK). Im on lvl 33 in the game called "LIFE"

The Best mmo/rpg ever!

From time to time i need to take a small break from it and enter Elder Scrolls Online. I used to play few others mmo before but ESO is "the one" i was waiting for. And now I found the right guild too!


All my characters are in EP. I got 4 characters i consider as my "main character":



  • 1. Camael Dragon Fury - Redguard Dragonknight with more luck than IQ, mountain of muscle who can take punches, but dont test him, when angry he like to change to werewolf (friend or foe, better run fast!!!)



  • 2. Camael Blood Fury - Breton Nightblade, to master his skills he become a monster... pale vampire walking in shadows.... healing and protecting allies

He drink blood only when necessary, when he losing control he transform in bloodthirsty creature able to terrify whole armies. If you will see crimson eyes probably its too late for you...



  • 3. Camael Feral Fury - Imperial Templar, young ambitious hunter, white werewolf with loyal dog and bear.

In time Cyrodiil became his hunting ground and finally (after ~80hours of "zombie mode") he became a true leader.

Aware of danger inside Imperial City he sacrifice his soul and become vampire. With new powers he will defend IC from Molag Bal as fallen champion



  • 4.Camael Storm Fury - Altmer Sorcerer, twisted by power he is a walking force of nature. Unpredictable and deadly


I got 2 other characters in progress (but not playing them too often), also im constantly rerolling 2 baby toons for non-vet campaign. I like my alts!

Im always struggling with full inventory (all characters) and bank so please help me with my housekeeping and ask if you need any mats for any crafting. Take mine! I need bank space!

I play both pvp & pve, and always happy to group up with guild against any encounters!

Happy to be part of Nephilim!

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Introduce yourself and your chars!

by Kurnn, 3080 days ago

Hi all!

Who are you behind the "wheel"? Introduce yourself here:


Show off your chars!

We have some pretty damn cool/wierd/odd/mad/hot/ugly looking chars in our guild! Show yours! Take screenshots and upload to our gallery.

Members can upload as much as you want!

Upload YOUR screenshot to the Character folder or ask me or Nicu for your own folder!

Click the Gallery link on page or this link:

Use this folder to upload anything:


Here are some of our cool looking chars!

Serana of Volkihar, Daughter of ColdHarbour and Battlemage of The Nephilim



Cogo the Kajiit monk!







Guild trial group! Who is who?

Guild trials2




Unmai, our bard (Not playing)



Mythriel showing Argonians naked!



Xuth, in his scary platy look!



Cast-Many-Storms (Friend to guild)



Redreaver with guild team!



Lillah with guild dungeon team!



One scary Lizard!



A Nephilim guild dungeon team!



Deepone jumping! Again!



Kitty killing bosses!



Scary Oghur!



Kurnn Hatemachine, the battlemage!




Upload YOUR pics! Screenshots any comments you want to show!

This message was brought to you by the wise words of Lillah!

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Guild news to all members

by Kurnn, 3094 days ago



Hi all!

First, a big welcome to our new members as well as returning members!

We have a lot going in the guild. To much to type here!

I need all members to check the forums!

The members section, Alliance war section, Skills and ability section and the RP section have lots of news and options for everyone!

If you don't have forum access, type it in the shout box or tell an officer online.

Check the calendar for guild events, We update several times a week!

We need to know what YOU want to do more in the guild. Tell us!


Here are a few of the topics

  • Check the story about guild dungeon hardcore nights!

  • Oghurs advice on Cyrodiil

  • Officers needed

We are looking for a Cyro officer, guild store officer, guild recruiter and Dungeon master (who makes dungeon groups). We also need an event officer who can fill in and help Redreaver, while he is busy with uni. Tell me or Snow if you are interested!

  • Tips for new players

  • The lag post! Good tips to reduce lag. It works!

--Kurnn, your humble guild leader

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Happy new year 2016 - From The Nephilim!

by Kurnn, 3127 days ago

Thanks everyone for a great 2015!

We wish to send this greetings to all members of the Nephilim!

As well to all our new found friends and good "ol" veterans!


New year


From the guild who cares and trust each other!





We fight as a guild!




We share tactics!



..We can throw great guild chat?



And for 2016....



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Wrothgar is here!

by Kurnn, 3181 days ago

Wrothgar has arrived!



The guild is eager to explore this ancient home of the Orcs! ......If we can find it


(Matteow is still looking....)


We welcome our new members to our ranks!

Dark elves


No matter what puddi-tatt race they might be!

Cogo cat!


...As long as they get Xuth drunk, is all gooooood!

Xuth Hic


The guild focus intensely on Wrothgar....Or Matts webcam?



We discover the secret ancient Lore books of powerful Orc knowlage!



Xin'z is not amused....



...But Snow is....





At least the Orcs keeps their City clear of vagrants!



Enough with Wrothgar! The guild bulldozed through the Imperial City, with our powerful Dungeon Master and raid leader IDANTHYRSUS in the lead!


 Idant mad

Guild raid1


After an awesome guild event in Imperial City, we went to Cyrodiil for a relaxed evening.

Cyro nice1


Not that Orcs understand the word "relaxed"....




Nicu didn't enjoy Cyrodiil, so he went fishing!

Nicu Fish


...aaand then Nicu took a guild team and did a dungeon run...naked!

Naked with Nicu



At least our guildchat is nice, calm and friendly!



 Ooo Mai Gawd!!!



The guild resident Argonian, Mythredhel, is going on a long trip and we don't know when we get our lizard back!



Myth has always been the back bone of the guild, in spirit, chatting and friendly spines!



Guild chat simply isn't the same without our Argonian!

While Myth is away on his journey, the guild shows respect by bathing him in green stuff when he isn't looking!



This update was brought to you by the wise words from Oghur Hatemachine!


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Vote for your favorite race!

by Kurnn, 3323 days ago

We all have a race or two that we like for many different reasons. Please choose your favorite race! Not the best Racials abilities. Pick the race you like the best! The looks, the culture and who they are!

  • Orc
  • Dark Elf
  • High Elf
  • Imperial
  • Argonian
  • Red Guards
  • Wood Elves
  • Kajiit
  • Nord
  • Breton

Vote here!

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Guild Trial runs!

by Kurnn, 3362 days ago

Trials - 12 man raids

Trials 1

We are starting Trials on a regular bases! Info and sign up in this post (Link below). Ask any officer if you do not have access. Ask @Idanthyrsus for more info.

Raid leader: @Idanthyrsus

Guild Trials runs


Here you find more details about Trials


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Guild event April 14th - Holiday evening with Nephilim!

by Kurnn, 3394 days ago

Are you tired after hours of fighting in Arena, City of Ash or Veteran Dungeons?
Are you bored that the game is so easy that you have to play naked to make it a challenge?
                                   Good news then!
Nephilim invites you to a luxury resort for a one-evening exotic holiday!
What you do there is mostly up to could just hang out chatting with colleagues to better know them or admire the landscape or listen to Shady repeating for the 99th times Bank rules (yes, dont forget to stack when you deposit) or Kurnn's speech about the 5-years long term plan of ESO...
Or you could participate in our hide and seek game with secret prizes which will include a HARD challenge for the 1st prize! And, as if this wasn't already too challenging, 1st prize will consist of a difficult choice
Evening will end with a party. Myth will beat a drum with his tail and Kurnn's huge and fiersome male Orc will dance naked to scary away the guests 
IF you already beaten Molag Bal, come online for the fun Tuesday 14th April 18.30 GMT!
And bring your camera for photos!
(yes, unfortunately this is restricted to people who finished Main Story but don't worry, another contest will come soon for all)

Come and meet the guildies!

Event: Nephilim holiday evening. Hang out with guildies!
Time: 18:30 GMT, Tuesday the 14th of April
About: Meet members and officers - fun things!
P.S. Things are flexible, if you have any suggestions, let me know!
Event planner: NeaNicu - @Neanicu

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